Keynote: Agile organizations need agile processes in software asset management - on the way to the SAM of the future

Walter Mauricci, Asset & License Manager, Folksam AB

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The digital transformation of companies does not only require the use of a multitude of new technologies, tools and thus also software licenses. In fact, it goes hand in hand with a rethinking of processes. The presentation explains the transformation of processes in software asset management at Folksam: Lately, processes and working methods as well as roles and responsibilities have been realigned in the form of an agile structure. As a result, Software Asset Management has become far more effective in addressing and significantly supporting the increasing dynamics in the IT and the entire company.


Which prerequisites are necessary to establish an agile way of working in SAM

What the most important steps are in the transformation to an agile SAM

Which roles need to be changed or redefined

How agile software asset management is embedded in an agile organization and how it works exactly

What the benefits of an agile SAM are in terms of promoting agile ways of working across the enterprise

The speaker

Walter Mauricci

Asset & License Manager, Folksam AB

The company


Folksam offers many career opportunities in a responsible company. We currently have approximately 3,500 employees and are the largest in insurance in Sweden. Almost every other Swedish is insured with us and we are one of Sweden’s largest asset managers. We offer insurance and pension savings that create security and are enjoyed by many. We are owned by our customers and our vision is for customers to feel safe in a sustainable world. Therefore, we work to ensure that they are properly insured but also preventive with road safety research, active environmental work and responsible ownership. We are located all over the country and together with our subsidiaries we offer a wide range of services that not many others have.