Establish management driven processes to optimize SAM and minimize costs

Join Skagerak Energi’s Strategic Advisor for Digitalization and IT, Stein Ove Rov, for an insightful session on revolutionizing Software Asset Management (SAM) processes within your organization. In this dynamic 30-minute session, Stein will delve into the crucial strategies required to align SAM initiatives with management directives, thereby driving efficiency and reducing costs effectively.

  • How can you get the right view to succeed in optimizing your SAM processes?
  • How to get the management level involved to the SAM processes for long term?
  • What structure, framework and governance do we need to let our SAM processes leaded by the management level?
  • How can we develop our potential and benefit from it?

Stein Ove Rov

Strategic Advisor, Digitalisation and IT
Skagerak Energi AS


Using the benefits of legal and IT contract management for optimizing SAM

Knowing the usage of data in SAM to achieve cost spending

Using FinOps to reduce cost in the cloud


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