How to use the procurement process to achieve regulatory compliance

When Per Larsson started at Resurs Bank there was no IT procurement and he was faced with the task of building one. There was a general procurement process in which the IT procurement process had to be integrated and a way found to become compliant. In addition, an exit plan had to be secured. For this purpose, all guidelines leading to compliance were first considered and integrated into the process. Guidelines for the acquisition process were created. The IT procurment process was fully integrated into the outsourcing process. In the future, more time will be spent on vendor management and on integrating vendor management into the process. In this session you will learn

  • How do you merge several existing processes into one?
  • How can we figure out what our pain points are and face them to improve our processes?
  • How can we figure out who need to be involved to get our processes compliant?

Per Larsson and Mattias Andersson

Procurement Manager and Procurement Specialist, Resurs Bank AB


Knowing the usage of data in SAM to achieve cost spending

Using the benefits of legal and IT contract management for optimizing SAMs

Establish management driven processes to optimize SAM and minimize costs


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